YOUR VIEW: Rent and rates are more valuable than free parking

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While we should all be grateful for the existence of Mansfield Independent Forum and its achievements in Mansfield, the group does itself no credit by using a valid response to Ben Bradley, Mansfield MP, for political messaging.

It is well known I support free parking in town, but concede that this has its flaws. 
Mr Bradley’s petition – and I look forward to the result – is about the first two hours of parking being free.

Mark Wright’s defence of charged parking is it generates £1.5 million, or £4,100 per day, as an income is misleading in my view, since the only money going into the coffers is income less cost. 
But in any event with falling footfall, falling parking revenues and more shops closed than trading, at what point does Mansfield District Council try something different to halt the decline?

I can assure Mark that rent and rates gathered from traders is more valuable than parking revenues and it is this that is the real issue and is in need of urgent action, particularly as the town has more residents than it ever has, but they aren’t coming to Mansfield, I know it’s not just parking but it is a start.

Sid Pepper

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