YOUR VIEW: dear burglar.....We choose not to be violated, but be strong

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Dear Burglar, I wanted to tell you that breaking into and entering our lovely home, our own personal and private space, has restored my faith in human nature. Thank you.

In a world where sick and selfish people kill others in the name of religion when real faith in God like ours has nothing to do with it.

In a world where children are not free or safe because perverse and depraved people take away their innocence and purity to satisfy their own sexual desires.

In a world where women are pressured, bullied and sexually assaulted by power hungry and manipulative men who silence and threaten them into staying quiet.

You, my dear burglar, by smashing our door down and determining to take our personal belongings that we had worked hard for created for us a positive ripple effect of love, concern and support from our neighbours, our community, the police, our friends and family and even the insurance company representative.

You also opened our eyes to the fact that possessions, though hard earned, mean nothing in comparison to life, health, kindness and compassion.

I want you to know that we choose not to feel violated by your intrusion, we choose not to be afraid to leave our house and carry on with our lives, we choose not to let you have any of our headspace because you don’t deserve to rent a room free in our heads, our hearts, our home or our lives.

Instead we choose to continue to love our beautiful home and feel comfortable in it. We have chosen to stay strong and be at peace and we choose to use this letter to you to help others to not see themselves as helpless victims rather to choose to see themselves as conquering survivors.

Conquering survivor

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