YOUR VIEW: Ben Bradley and Tories doing nothing to get us out of Eton-inspired mess

Ben Bradley, MP.
Ben Bradley, MP.

The Chad is right to print so much about Ben Bradley and he is right to get out and about to meet so many people. We need to know our new Tory MP.

But for me, so far his views and actions have not impressed.

In my view he adopts the mistaken idea that we are not an independent country. We have our own currency, our own taxes and 90% of our laws are our own. Those that are not ours are agreed by us to help trade, under Margaret Thatcher’s Single European Act passed by our sovereign Parliament.

I feel he lacked courage when he met Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport. There is no call from Ben Bradley to reverse the broken promise to electrify Midland Mainline. No vision, such as demanding a direct train service to London and Sheffield.

I feel he takes the Tory line on immigration. Tories can hardly claim both that we have full employment and that we don’t need immigration. If immigration is depressing wages then what Mansfield needs is an MP whose party might do something about low pay, provide decent housing and promote health and education for all. Not one that cuts, promises little and delivers less.

He meets homeless people, but doesn’t admit that Tory policies often cause their homelessness.

To his credit, Ben Bradley shows imagination. He thinks (Chad, October 4) that the Brexit talks are going well.

In my view his Toryism is full of soundbites and headlines, signifying nothing, or nothing that will help Britain out of its Eton-inspired mess.

Martin Tate