Widening blackspot Derby Road will do nothing to cut traffic jams

This traffic flow on Derby Road, Annesley, cannot be improved by simply widening the road.

One example of the number of vehicles currently using this road being that, on Tuesday, September 25 we were waiting at the bus stop near Seagrave Avenue. Between 9.45am and 10.02am, we counted 24 HGV vehicles, including several six-axled vehicles with a gross weight of 38/40 tonnes – this was in addition to other vehicles using the road.

We believe this illustrates and supports the claim that a bypass is long overdue. The alternative proposal of widening the road to take a predicted 25 per cent increase in traffic over and above the current number is a nonstarter.

We oppose the proposed widening of this road on the above grounds and those already put forward.

Geoff & Janet Swain

Midfield Road,


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