What has ADC to hide over Aldi 'no'?

What an interesting decision Ashfield District Council has made by rejecting the planning application from Aldi for a store in Kirkby. At the very least, ADC is consistent for again not providing what local people want / need.

I find it incredulous that the chiefs of ADC have seen fit to use their delegated powers to determine this application instead of going through the normal channels of the full Planning Committee, and therefore in public.

What have ADC to hide? Why should this application be decided behind closed doors?

The objections they raise should be examined further. One reason appears to be that the site would be too far out of town! You only have to look at how far out of town the store in Sutton is, and that was actually passed by ADC.

Another objection was that the site is prone to flooding. As a Kirkby resident of over 50 years, I can say with great certainty that the site has never flooded to my knowledge, apart for some surface water on the main road, at times. I can never remember the Kings Cinema issuing life-jackets or the Railway Pub ordering sandbags.

It would seem that now that ADC has pointed out the flooding situation, this would make the site completely useless for any purpose, including housing, without any expensive remedial works beforehand.

Surely, ADC would have raised that particular point with Aldi and attached a condition of remedial action as part of their planning application?

The only reasonable objection that could have been levied upon the Aldi application would have been the traffic situation on Urban Road, and access to the site. Strange that ADC never mentioned that aspect in their decision. But then again, they wouldn't mention anything about the traffic situation in Kirkby anyway, would they?

One thing will be sure, that the Tesco application will be decided behind closed doors and will go ahead. I challenge anyone to say where any Tesco applications have actually been refused planning permission.

Like all local authorities, ADC will be running scared of Tesco's taking their application to appeal, winning, and costing the authorities huge amounts of money. It would prove me wrong if Tesco's permission actually gets refused, but I'm not holding my breath.


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