What happens when somebody is killed because of policy to ram moped thieves?

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A comment by Councillor Lee Anderson in the Chad recently about police in London having a policy that includes ramming moped thieves was depressingly predictable in my view.

Instead of working himself into a frenzy, Councillor Anderson would do well to think about the real-life implications of the police’s tactics.

What happens when there’s a mistake and the police knock somebody completely innocent off of their moped? What happens when one of the young people knocked off of their bike is killed?

Not many people would have much sympathy, either for the young person or their family.

However, the consequences for the police officer involved would be extremely serious. The simple fact is that the Metropolitan Police’s tactics might have changed but the law hasn’t. If somebody is seriously hurt as a result of being rammed off of their moped, the police officer that rammed them will face prosecution.

Whether Councillor Anderson likes it or not, police officers in this country are still not above the law.

There’s a long history in this country of politicians sending other people in to battle for them. Basking in the glory of any success, but running a mile when things go wrong. Warning of the risks of the police’s tactics isn’t, as Councillor Anderson puts it, “Taking the side of the criminal”. It’s the responsible and grown-up thing for politicians with responsibility for policing and police officers to do.

Simon Greaves

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