Well done for raising awareness in article on mental health

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Well done to the Chad and Danielle Andrews for the amazing article entitled ‘It’s okay to not be okay’.

Promoting mental health education and sign-posting sufferers and their families to health support workers and social platforms such as the Facebook group, the stable man, is a step in the right direction.

I wish to congratulate Michael Klimek and Keelan Genders for the good work they are doing. No one should suffer in silence from the torture of mental pain and these guys are quite right in thinking that a private group, free from prejudice, is a good way for men to share their innermost feelings and worries.

As a local author of two published fiction novels that deal with tough gritty subjects such as mental health issues, alcoholism and self harm, my deepest sympathy goes out to everyone trying to deal with not being okay.

I wish Michael all the very best. Keep up the good work.

Katie L. Loveley

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