Tim to clear up confusion, football club fundraising paid for two thirds of park pitch improvements

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It would seem that there are people in Kirkby who still have a misunderstanding regarding the improvements made to the football pitch known as ‘pitch one’, Kingsway Park.

The belief by many is that the council has paid for the improvements and one team is receiving the benefits, Ashland Rovers FC.

In fact, an article implying as much was recently published and, although the council responded, it did nothing to allay these concerns which are still out there.

As chairman of Ashland Rovers FC, I feel it necessary to redress the situation and, hopefully, put this to bed once and for all.

The facts are as follows: Ashland Rovers FC raised two-thirds of the cost of the improvements through grants and even put some of the club’s own funds into the project. The council was responsible for the remaining one third. I would also point out that despite acquiring the funds as above, the club still pays the normal fees for using the pitch.

The improvements did not just happen overnight. It was a result of more than four years of discussions with Ashfield District Council (ADC) and were needed to allow the club to progress to step seven football, having gained promotion to that level, and provide the people of Kirkby with a standard of football they didn’t previously have.

I would also make the point that the improvements have not deprived anyone of any facilities as there are still two very good pitches on Kingsway Park that have benefited from our involvement with Notts FA and are available for use by the general public.

I hope the above clarifies Ashland Rovers FC’s part in making the improvements happen and this can now be the end of the matter.

John Dawn

Chairman, Ashland Rovers

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