Think hard about the impact Bexit will have on the man in the street

The Brexit struggles continue
The Brexit struggles continue

Parliament is discussing different routes forward for our country after recent political showdowns in Westminster.

As local people, we urge politicians to think long and hard about the impact of Brexit on communities in Ashfield.

British people had a whole host of reasons for casting their vote back in 2016. But we can say for certain nobody voted to become poorer. We know now every version of Brexit leaves us worse off.

According to the Government’s own analysis, May’s deal would dent our economy in the East Midlands by 1.9%. It’s clear the PM’s Brexit won’t deliver for our communities.

Brexit will be disastrous for jobs here. Recent University of Sussex research shows 700 people in Ashfield are at risk of losing their jobs if we leave the EU on soft Brexit terms.

This number doubles if we crash out of the EU with no deal. It’s clear a ‘jobs first Brexit” is a complete myth.

It’s time now for MPs from all parties to focus their energies on opposing May’s Brexit deal and on ruling out a disastrous no deal. MPs must stand up for the most vulnerable communities up and down the country. And ensure the Prime Minister doesn’t take us off the cliff on March 29.

We, the undersigned, urge our politicians to find a way to bring the British people back into the Brexit process. This is the democratic thing to do now.

John Quail, Lesley Bracey, Sarah Cadwallader, Jorn Dist


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