The mistake was joining the European Union in the first place

The ‘remainers’ still think leaving the EU is a mistake, but the mistake was in joining.

The EU freedom of movement law means the whole population of the EU is legally entitled to come to Britain, which is just idiotic. The final straw for many was the influx from Eastern Europe. This was not only people coming to work here, I have seen individuals from Eastern Europe at my doctor’s surgery who are clearly above retirement age. They are getting free treatment on the NHS, never having paid into it. Because pensions in Eastern Europe are miniscule, I expect they will also receive pension credit to bring them up to the UK minimum pension, again without making any contribution.

Negotiating with the EU seems to be difficult. Every time a concession is made, it only leads to another demand.

The remainers’ latest scare story is the queues of lorries waiting to get into Europe if we leave without an agreement. They omit to mention that there would be a queue of lorries on the continent waiting to get into Britain. In these circumstances the European commissioners would have to compromise to allow two-way trade.

David Dabell

Allwood Close, Mansfield

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