Sad air of newglect at Newstead Abbey

FOR many years past, it has been our tradition to visit Newstead Abbey gardens on New Year’s Day.

We enjoyed the stroll around the gardens and then a visit to the restaurant for a well-earned snack, in the company of many other like-minded people.

Imagine our disappointment this year, therefore, to find both the gardens and the restaurant closed!

There was such a sad air of neglect about the place, with just a few people wandering about. There weren’t even any toilets available.

What a short-sighted policy for the owner of the abbey, Nottingham City Council, to pursue!

Already there have been lead thefts from the buildings and, in a few years’ time, the place will be no better than Annesley Hall, another of Byron’s haunts that has already gone beyond redemption.

If marketed properly, the Lord Byron Story could be almost the draw that the Robin Hood legend is.

He was such a colourful and notorious character. But most people from outside the county have not heard of him!

This could be a good source of income for the city but, instead, the abbey is being allowed to decay.