Potholes....are workers trained to tackle this scourge properly?

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I’m a resident of Warsop and have just noticed two workmen, I presume council workers, filling small holes in the road near the surgery and fire station.

The process seemed simple enough, perhaps too simple. One holding a bag of Tarmac, although to me it might as well have been a supermarket carrier bag, the other stamping it down with a special tool. I thought he was going to use his foot at one stage.

I just think the whole issue with repairing damaged roads is training and preparation of the damage.

On a high impact surface such as a road, wouldn’t it be advisable to prepare the hole first, i.e. dig the hole out, square it off instead of throwing a small quantity of Tarmac into a shallow round hole?

As for training, you could ask the question, are they trained in this work? And the answer could be:“They have been doing this work for more than 20 years, so are very experienced.” You could have a hundred years in this work but if you are not trained, how do you know it is up to the standard and quality which is expected?

Mansfield District Council would probably say it hasn’t the funds to repair holes to a higher standard, but if you are coming back continually to repair the holes wouldn’t you call this false economy? No wonder it hasn’t any funds to repair these holes.

I think the moral to this is to be more efficient in running of these councils and maybe you would receive the funds you are looking for from government.

A. Keeton

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