Politicians must honour our decision on Brexit or our democracy is dead

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Prime Minister Theresa May tells us that her Brexit deal is designed to bring our country together.

She also claims that she has honoured what we voted for in the referendum.

Mrs May cannot have it both ways. She was not given the task of bringing our country together, her responsibility was to implement the decision of the referendum and remove us from any hold the EU have over us.

In my view it is quite clear that she has never had any intention of carrying out the result of the referendum and if we are to uphold our democracy, Mrs May should be removed from office immediately — as should all the MPs who strive to overturn the Brexit decision.

We were asked to make a decision on whether we should remain in the EU or leave, we made that decision.

If our MPs do not honour it then democracy in this country is dead.

I feel very strongly about this.

Matt Ardron

By email

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