Off road bikers plague woods

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It’s not just in Harlow Wood that accidents with illegal bikers occur, Felley Woods and Newstead Woods Country Park are also blighted.
My friend had an accident and was stuck in Middle Wood. This has left her still receiving treatment and at the time, had to crawl out of the woods with people out looking for her including the police. She is an experienced rider and has owned her pony, which stayed by her side, all his life. Thank God he didn’t take off.
These bikes plague the woods and the villages every day, not just weekends.

They, like horse owners, need a safe place to go. I am not anti-bike, but they need to know they can cause serious accidents - horses can be killed and so can riders. 
At the weekend there were more than 17 bikes on the roads doing wheelies. It would be the driver who would get blamed if one got hit I suppose. Police are contacted and nothing is done. 
While there is access to the woods for horses there should be access to a place of safety for bikers. There are some who have manners like the horse riders, and some that don’t. Horse riders are being pushed onto the roads more than ever, so let’s find a more amicable place for these bikers to go.

Concerned Horse Owner

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