New Sherwood Forest visitor centre totally lacks character

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Could I give my views as regards the county council, and in particular about the new Sherwood Forest visitors’ centre at Edwinstowe?

I have to say that their management of facilities in Sherwood Forest has always been less than good in my opinion.

The legend of Robin Hood should bring untold wealth to this area in the shape of tourists, but the powers that be have failed to utilise the pulling power of the man in Lincoln green!

The new centre totally lacks character, when I looked around the place the only reference to the great man were some expensive children’s teddy bears wearing green hats!

The county council states that it has built the place a mile away from the Major Oak so as to not chop down any trees. What utter nonsense!

One has to wonder if this is a sop to the charity which has taken over running the place. The RSPB is dedicated to protect birds. That’s all well and good but doesn’t sit well with Edwinstowe being a visitors’ centre, which should be inviting people to come to the Major Oak in large numbers, which will adversely affect the breeding habits of the aforementioned birds.

I am no expert but the felling of trees was not a problem when both the holiday village Center Parcs and Sherwood Pines received planning permission to be built was it? The talk of doing away with the county council cannot come too quickly in my opinion. At the moment, I feel there is a ‘them and us’ situation in Notts, with an unfair amount of resources being given to people in the south of the county.

No wonder Robin Hood did his plundering around that part of the county, as he knew that was where the wealth was.

Alex Ford

Pye Avenue, Mansfield

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