MP doesn’t owe us apology over party role resignation

Ben Bradley, Mansfield MP
Ben Bradley, Mansfield MP

In answer to Stephen Bailey (MP owes apology to his constituents, Your Opinions), I can’t see why Ben Bradley owes us an apology.

In my view he too was hoodwinked by Theresa May and her remainer cabinet. He has resigned as a vice-chairman of the Conservative Party. Other MPs continue to go against what their constituents want.

As for Nigel Farage, he has not washed his hands of Brexit, but can you tell me what he is supposed to do when the Conservatives have not included him in any part of Brexit? And we know why, with how we are being stitched up from start to finish.

Mr Farage also works as an MEP in Brussels doing all he can, which is a damn sight more than this remainer Goverment.

His party had four million votes yet only acquired one seat due to our electoral system, which I feel favours Labour and the Tories. If the electorate had supported him instead of believing the Tories, we would not be in this mess.

E. Thomas


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