LETTERS: Suicide bombers and Rolo the dog...this week’s best letters.

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As ever The Chad postbag and inbox has been bursting with readers’ thoughts on all things Mansfield and a few issues from further afield too.

Here are just some of the best letters from this week...

Following the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Brian Daniels of Citizens Commission on
Human Rights (UK), wrote in with his view that suicide bombers are made, not born. Read his letter here.

Lynne Sample was disgusted at the treatment of Rolo the dog. Read why here.

Chairman of Oakwood PPG, Sheila Ormerod, defended the results of a recent patient satisfaction survey. Read her letter here.

Frank Heyes put pen to paper with his theory that the budget is a way of taking from the poor to give to the rich. Read his letter here.

And finally, Don Sharpe wrote in to share his memories of a friendship with magic icon Paul Daniels. Read his letter here.

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