LETTERS ROUND UP: Mansfield market, black bins, King’s Mill and council tax. Have a read and let us know what you think...

Mansfield Market Place.
Mansfield Market Place.

Mansfield Market is still dividing opinion, more readers have written in praising King’s Mill, black bins have got everyone talking and council tax was on the agenda. Here’s a round up of this week’s letters...

John Wilson reckons better public transport is needed to improve the market. Read his letter here.

Jenny Gleeson praised King’s Mill staff. To read her letter click here.
On the subject of hospitals, John Eoin Douglas pledged his support for junior doctors. Read his thoughts here.

Gordon Barkes of Kirkby-in-Ashfield, used the Chad’s letters page to ask what he is supposed to do with his old black bin. Click here to read his letter.

ANd finally, Councillor Reg Adair, Conservative spokesman on finance and property at Notts County Council, wrote in to asy Labour does have a choice on council tax. Read his reasons why here.

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