LETTERS ROUND UP: Banning bonfires, bin collections and closing the mines all got readers writing in...

As ever The Chad postbag and inbox has been bursting with readers’ thoughts on all things Mansfield and a few issues from further afield too. Banning bonfires, bin colletions and find out who one reader blames for ‘ruining our area,’ here’s a round up of this week’s letters...

This letter certainly sparked a debate...Pat Shakespeare of Clean Air for Mansfield wants to see all bonfires banned. Read why here and then let us know what you think.

Gordon Barkes thinks it’s totally rubbish that his garden waste bin won’t be emptied until April. Read what else he has found out about Ashfield District Council and black bins here.

Frank Heyes says the Tories destroyed our area when they closed the mines, and he has a question for SHerwood MP Mark Spencer. Read his full letter and find out what he wants to know here.

And finally, counillor Stuart Richardson praised local women in the week that we celebrated International Womens Day. Read his letter here.

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