LETTERS: Readers’ views on Mansfield market, fracking and the EU referendum

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The postbag is still full of letters about Mansfield Market, fracking plans have started a debate, a Mansfield road has got one reader angry and you’ve been letting us know your thoughts on the upcoming EU referendum. Here’s a round up of this week’s letters...

Ann Donlan attended Mansfield District Council’s select committee meetings about the market plans. Click here to read why she says Mansfield deserves more.

Neil Smith thinks an indoor market is the way to get people shopping there. Read his letter here.

Arthur Keeton says he would sooner see fracking in the area than 500 new homes. Read his letter and more on fracking here.

Matt Ardron reckons that the EU referendum is the last chance we have to make a change. Find out why here.

Pete Williams wants to know why it took him 15 minutes to move about 300 yards on one Mansfield road, find out which one here.

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