LETTER: You couldn’t make it up

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Recently my girlfriend put out her recycling bin at Clipstone.

She went to fetch it in the next morning and it had not been emptied. It had a red sticker on indicating there was an item that shouldn’t have been in the bin and a telephone number to ring.

I rang the number which was the customer care department. They couldn’t tell me what the offending item was. They said a man would come out and inspect the bin and then leave a note through the letterbox or a telephone number to ring and she was then required to get the bin off the pavement, remove the offending item and leave the bin out the next week with the green bin and both would be emptied.

I queried why the person from the council couldn’t take out the offending item and put it in her green bin. I was informed he couldn’t put his hand in the bin because of ‘health and safety’. I queried how are we expected to know every item which can be recycled.

I think there is a solution to this problem, which is twofold.

Put any questionable item at the bottom of the bin so the ‘bin detective’ can’t see it or don’t bother to use the recycling bin and put everything in the other bin for landfill, including all plastic bottles cardboard and paper etc.

Obviously this solution makes a nonsense of the recyling system.

It seems the council is devoid of any common sense.

As Littlejohn of the Daily Mail would say: “I’ll file this under you couldn’t make it up.”


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