LETTER: Work together for Mansfield

Parking bays in South Shields.
Parking bays in South Shields.

It appears that the cut and thrust of local politics in well under way at Mansfield Civic Centre, with our new mayor, Kate Allsop, seemingly adopting the policy of ‘new broom sweeps clean’.

Call me cynical, but I fear it’s a case of rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

I say this as I see little evidence of the district council improving the lives of Mansfield people, despite there being a major change in the political make-up of the council.

The Independents came in promising good things for electors and undertook to keep the council tax down, as well as saying the post of executive mayor would be the way forward. It was no surprise to me that they were elected as people thought that when Labour controlled the council little had been done to benefit our town over a great number of years.

I think the local Labour Party leaders thought that king coal would provide jobs for life and did not look to bring new industries to the area.

Similarly, in my view, they did not seek to provide enough decent quality housing or leisure facilities for local people to enjoy.

Mansfield District Council has so few powers that I cannot see it being able to regenerate our town as we are too reliant on Nottinghamshire County Council looking favourably on us for investment.

I do think Mansfield’s economy will only improve if we are able to have a unitary authority where one council is responsible for all public services.In the meantime, I urge our local politicians to work together to promote our wonderful community.

Sam Ellis

Welbeck Street, Mansfield