LETTER: Will it rain frogs if we leave the EU?

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So Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero (Chad May 25) spouts what I see as the usual “remain” propaganda, ie how £1.4 million of EU money has over the years been invested in Ashfield, and £400,000 of EU money funded the re-development of Kirkby town centre.

Let me point out to the lady that the EU has no money.

It is, of course, our own money which our political elite hands over every month. Then we recieve back a small percentage and God knows where the rest goes?

Project fear is now well under way by the establishment who it seems will continue to brow-beat the electorate with what I see are ever more ridiculous predictions such as World War Three, total collapse of the stock market etc.etc.

Surely next will be the earth opening up and swallowing the city of London (we can but hope)and it will rain frogs, and a plague of locusts will descend upon us –all this if we don’t vote the way Cameron wants.

If you want a future with jobs and enough houses for our young people, in my opinion you have no choice but to vote leave, you know it makes sense.

Mick Pembleton

Cricket Close,

Kirkby Woodhouse