LETTER: Why is Warsop still waiting?

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To the people of Warsop, there was a notice in the shop window of Spencer’s recently on their closure.

We once had a very good Nisa, Somerfields, they disappeared without a trace.
Heron Foods offered to take on the Co-op, but were adamant they were going to be the only food selling shop in Warsop to more than 12,000 or so people.
Why didn’t the parish and district councils take on the Co-op?

Alan Meale claimed to know nothing about it until after the event. The parish council supported him for doing nothing.
If you go into the Co-op, there are few on the tills, with endless queues, and staff outside smoking. It’s mostly the older ones who shop there because that is what they were brought up on.
Two years ago, there was a meeting in the town hall attended by Mrs Diane Meale, local business people and the now mayor. Numerous notes were taken, with plans for Warsop. We’re still waiting.

Roy Blackburn