LETTER: Where has all the wildlife gone?

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I live in Mansfield Woodhouse adjacent to Peafield Lane.

Can I pose a question? What has happened to the birds, butterflies, dragonflies, wasps, flies and the dreaded daddy longlegs?
Then there are the squirrels, hedgehogs, moles, mice, shrews and voles.

The roadside verges along Peafield Lane were once covered in a blanket of mole hills, but now they are sparsely spread.

Dead birds in country lanes, dead or dying trees and shrubs and no bird song. It is almost as if a destructive cloud descended on us, deadly to anything it touches.
Have you, the wider population, experienced the same or is it confined to my ‘neck of the woods’?

Tony Raine-Eclesker

Welwyn Avenue,

Mansfield Woodhouse