LETTER: What are we supposed to do with our old black bins?


I have just heard that Ashfield District Council has voted to proceed with distribution of smaller black bins.

This is despite several thousand protest letters from Ashfield rate payers.

I then realised that in my previous letter (February 10) I had omitted to consider what to do with the old black bin.

As far as I am aware, Ashfield Council has no plans to collect the old bins, the ones that are not wanted or needed by others like myself.

I do not want, need, or have space for another bin.

So what do I do?

If I leave it on the pavement outside my house am I liable to be prosecuted ?

I think i will save Ashfield Council money by returning my bin to the council offices myself.

Maybe someone could consider organising ‘a mass return your own bin parade’ through Kirkby?

But no, that would not work. A parade through Kirkby would be held up by the traffic crawling through the town.

I think I will just return my bin to Urban Road myself. That is unless someone has a better idea to make Ashfield Council realise that residents have ‘no confidence’ in what it is doing.

Ashfield Council still has other problems but again that is for another day.

Gordon Barkes