LETTER: We’ve NOT voted for wholesale closure of Surestart Centres

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There will be no wholesale closure of Surestart Centres.

In answer to political mischief and scaremongering I can assure Mansfield residents that Mansfield Independent Forum countycouncillors have not voted to close all of the 58 Surestart Centres in the county.

Each centre will be assessed on its merits and it is true that an under-used centre kept open at a loss to council taxpayers might be considered for possible closure, but if that were to happen service provision would not cease but be offered at the nearest available centre. As Coun Diana Meale said, ONE of her local centres was quite well used.

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Providing support for children and families, particularly in deprived areas, is obviously of paramount importance, but with today’s financial constraints a common sense approach to delivering that support, sometimes by moving to another building or joining two centres together, has to be looked at to maintain the service in an efficient and cost effective way.

Coun Andy Sissons

Mansfield South