LETTER: We should make our votes count

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It doesn’t seem five minutes since we voted on the EU referendum, and not that long since the last General Election, does it?

But we are now faced with another election to decide who governs this wonderful country of ours, in addition to us deciding who runs our county council. I do hope that people will go out and vote in the coming weeks. This General Election is particularly important as whoever wins will have the responsibility of managing our exit from the European Union as well as all the other aspects of running the country. 
I can fully understand why people regularly decided not to cast their vote in the past as they felt that whoever is in charge we residents of Mansfield and district haven’t seen much improvement in our quality of life for many a year. In order to involve ordinary people in politics I would suggest that election candidates be asked to hold public meetings so as to be able to address voters directly and for people then to question our potential representatives as to how they plan to speak up for us at County Hall and Westminster.

I feel we voters seem to hear very little of what our county councillors and, particularly, our local MPs, do in our name. I think that many members of the House of Commons were taken by surprise by the result of the Brexit vote, which in my opinion showed a lack of connection between people in Westminster and the rest of the UK.
It can’t be wrong for us local people to be more concerned about the wellbeing of our town over things happening away from Mansfield and Ashfield can it?

David Stafford

Berry Hill Road,