LETTER: We pay peanuts for a Rolls-Royce service


After two heart attacks and a tricky prostate operation, I now feel qualified to express an opinion on this well trodden topic on these pages.

In the last two years, I have been cared for by more than 100 assorted medical staff at Nottingham Cityand Sutton’s King’s Mill Hospitals.

At least three consultant surgeons, numerous junior doctors, countless nurses and technicians, paramedics and after-care clinicians. Not to mention the staff of our excellent GP practice.

My implant alone, they tell me, is £12,000 worth. To give a full appraisal of my indebtedness and admiration of all these people would fill this newspaper but my point is this:

I have just cost the state a good £100,000 in professional time, drugs and equipment.

Just on the back of an envelope, I reckon this is ten times what I ever paid in health stamps in my working life.

I believe we are and have been paying peanuts and getting a Rolls-Royce.

The massive NHS deficit is no surprise whatsoever, we need a government with the courage to hike up taxation or find some other way to continue this level of service.

There is no room here for political dogma, if some sort of personal insurance is part of the answer, who cares.

A grateful pensioner

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