LETTER: We need new health authority

King's Mill Hospital
King's Mill Hospital

I have to agree with the comment made by Jenny Alexander in this newspaper about the problems at King’s Mill Hospital.

This situation has gone on for too long in my opinion and needs root and branch surgery to have any chance of us having a decent hospital to serve Mansfield, Ashfield, and Newark.

I think we have to accept that we need to let another health authority manage our local facilities, and sooner rather than later. I would normally have supported our local health services linking up with Bassetlaw Hospital as we have more in common with Worksop than with the big city of Nottingham. Unfortunately this partnership could well be a non-starter as I recently read that Bassetlaw Hospital “requires improvement” following an inspection, so I think they have problems enough themselves without having to take on King’s Mill’s shortcomings.

Another problem with us linking up with our neighbours in North Notts is that their services are actually run from South Yorkshire and as a result some patients living in places such as Cuckney and Nether Langwith have to travel to all the way to Doncaster for treatment. Doing that journey, particularly by public transport can easily take a couple of hours or more each way. It would of course take Mansfield and Ashfield people even longer to get there and that can’t be healthy can it?

So it looks like we could be faced with a choice of linking up with either Nottingham or Chesterfield. My vote would have to go for Nottingham for two reasons: it is easier to travel to the city, and I get the impression that their two main hospitals are better funded than those in the rest of the county so we should be able to rely on good quality health care in the future, which is surely the major consideration isn’t it?

David Stafford

Berry Hill Road, Mansfield