LETTER: We need more places to sit

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I would like to draw the council’s attention to the distinct lack of benches on the outskirts of Mansfield.

I am a pensioner and find it hard to walk for more than a few hundred yards before needing a sit down for a breather.

But to walk anywhere on the outskirts of town for me and probably a lot more like me is impossible because there is nowhere to sit .

I would love to walk the length of the MARR road, but nowhere to sit on Nottingham Road, Sutton Road, Chesterfield Road, Woodhouse Road or Southwell Road, just the one at the top of Rock Hill .

I have a car and a bus pass but would love to stretch my legs now and again . So please council, could you sort out a few benches for us older tax payers?

David Cooke

Clayworth Court,