LETTER: We must use our hard-earned votes

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I was not at all surprised to read that the vast majority of people who responded to the recent Chad pole voted to abolish the role of elected mayor.

It is difficult to justify the high costs of paying for this sort of civic leader at a time of severe financial constraints in local government.

It is particularly the case in Mansfield where the district council has few responsibilities for public services, and some of these duties have been farmed out to other organisations, for example council housing and until recently leisure services. We are however committed to having a new mayor installed next spring so could I urge fellow readers to use their vote in the upcoming elections.

I know many of us would like to have a “none of the above” box on the ballot paper but we have to accept the current set up don’t we?

Of course at the same time that we elect a new mayor there will be the small matter of a General Election to take part in. Again I would hope that the voters of Mansfield and district will cast their votes in large numbers. I note that two of our current MPs are not local people.

I do think that we ought to be represented in Westminster by people who come from our local community, who know how we think, know what we want for our towns.

However I would again point out that we have to accept the present situation as to who the Labour party has selected as candidates and not hold it against them that they are “outsiders”.

We voters will need to decide who to support based upon their policies, and then do all we can to ensure that they adhere to what they promised if elected. Years ago people made massive sacrifices for us to be given the vote, so we ought to use this bit of power we have got, starting next spring! .

Ian Alexander

Skegby Lane, Mansfield

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