LETTER: Waste changes will lead to more fly tipping

I have just seen in the Notts County Council County Life magazine that in future if residents are to deposit domestic refuse at any NCC site they will have to be registered.

Who has come up with this idea? Can I make the following points?

Is this a precursor for charging to use the centres ?
If so then what am I paying council tax for?

What is the cost to operate and monitor this new system. Will this cost fall back, again, on the council-tax payers?

This wil inevitably lead to a dramatic rise in fly-tipping. Think, someone turns up at a recycling centre with a load of garden refuse. hedge clippings etc. They are not registered and are turned away. What do you think they will do ? Go home, register and return? No. They will just go off somewhere quiet out of town and dump their rubbish.

Who is going to monitor this at the centres ? Will we have to queue up while IDs are checked?

Obviously someone at County Hall has too much time on their hands when they have come up with this idea.

Please do not patronise me by saying it will keep people from outside the county coming in and disposing of their rubbish. It won’t.

As I said , knock back people at the gates, they will just go off and fly tip.

Grant Cullen

By email