LETTER: ‘War on change is now on our doorstep’

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Having watched our Prime Minister in the European meetings I am more and more convinced that he has not got his heart on a withdrawal from the EU.

His attempts to appeased all he speaks to is not felt by many of the voting members he is paid by.

We must have control of our borders. We must have elected representatives acting responsibly on our behalf. We must have the final say in who enters, works and resides in the UK.

I see in many places people of another country doing a very useful job of work and they are a valuable contribution to our economy.

I also see the other side of the coin. Without going into great detail, a burden is placed on the hard working taxpayer by benefits paid to many able-bodied people who are not integrated into our way of life. They are content to live in our country and exist without making a contribution.

Yes we have “home grown” scroungers but to add to that number is foolish and unnecessary.

I am not a racist but

I am a realist. Control is required by strong, fair minded government administration. The present one does not fit that bill in my view.

Looking to the future I can see a Europe that will experience internal strife created by mass immigration. I can see many cities divided and troubled by culture and religion. I can see our grandchildren facing a very uncertain and problematic world that will have its roots of fertility firmly entrenched in the streets we presently value and work hard to maintain. The war on change is now on the doorstep. Some will say change is good for all concerned. Some will want to embrace differing cultures. I say that is acceptable provided peace is the outcome. Intuition tells me it is a long shot and very unlikely. We are allowing turbulent times to enter through our children’s front door. Why do immigrants not enter other countries that have the same beliefs and similar lifestyles? Some will have to ask that question and take off the blinkers. Others with common sense will know the answer.

Again the answer lies in creating a safe haven for citizens of the war torn countries. That safe haven should be where they were born, raised, and feel a sense of belonging. No one wants to see families distressed and suffering because of ideologies and political interference. We have as a nation, along with the USA, done untold damage to others by taking action against people we do not understand and interfering with a way of life established over thousands of years. We simply cannot impose our lifestyle on others.

Many will quote ‘human rights’ and various equality statements. I will support those when OAPs can turn up heating without tragic financial consequences, and can afford wholesome, hot food every day with kind, adequate care support in place. Also I would demand that citizens sleeping in shop doorways and in cardboard boxes be eradicated. A warm bed is the right of every human being.

To finalise - the troops that have fought to appease the targets of our politicians should be looked after by state institutions when rehabilitation care is required. For those brave souls nothing should be denied them. Charity is supporting them to a great degree and our politicians should be ashamed to call themselves caring people.

Alan Armstrong

Boundary Close,