LETTER: Tweeting in meetings is disrespectful

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On September 22 a motion to full council was tabled to ban councillors from using electronic devices and tweeting whilst in council meetings,

I seconded this motion as it is my personal belief that it is disrespectful to other members of the council who are listening carefully to the issues being debated on the public’s behalf.

It is true, enforcing the motion would need considerable support, which is unlikely, but using social media in meetings is, in my view, morally disingenuous.

You also do not have to sing our national anthem like the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at the 75 year remembrance service for the Battle of Britain.

It is these things that the public remember and tweeting in council decreases your moral standing with those who voted these councillors to represent them.

This is not the first time we have had similar issues, remember the Conservative MP playing Candy Crush on his iPad in Parliament.

Also at a Nottinghamshire County Council meeting a councillor was caught doing a similar thing and by claiming an ability to “multi-task” showed, in my opinion, an arrogant disregard of important business which affects our constituents’ lives.

I am sure this is not what the readers of this newspaper want to see their councillors doing.

Totally concentrating on the job is what Mansfield residents pay them to do.

Councillor Stephen Garner,

Mansfield South