LETTER: Traffic is chaos near retail park

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Readers may recall in the summer there were many complaints about the ridiculous traffic chaos on Nottingham Road and the retail park.

The mayor and her executive expressed great concern and were working on doing something to alleviate the situation. It was a county council matter but work was on going.

Readers may recall also that in the summer the Mansfield Independent Forum threw their votes behind the Conservatives to give them control of the county council. The reason for this action was to give Mansfield a greater voice and so greater advantage in county matters.

Well anyone who went anywhere near the bottom part of Nottingham Road in December will know only too well that nothing has been done and that the traffic situation is getting worse with hold-ups of 20 minutes at peak times not being unusual.

I would have thought that this was a simple area whereby the Mansfield Independent Forum county councillors could have got some quick action as a reason for supporting the Conservative Group.

Not wanting to be seen as negative, let me suggest a couple of things that might help with traffic flow;

Is there really a need for two sets of pedestrian controlled lights within 100 metres of each other and not more than 100 metres from the main junction for the retail park? Could not one or possibly both be closed? If not permanently then temporarily to assess what effect, if any, it would have on traffic disruption.

The feeder lane, small as it is, into the retail park is controlled by traffic lights. Do drivers really need to be nannied so much? Taking away this light would allow more free movement and give drivers coming into Mansfield a modicum of relief.

Not rocket science but seems to be beyond anyone to take the necessary actions to at least see what might help.

Seth Clay

Noel Street, Mansfield