LETTER: Tories destroyed area by closing our mines

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I see again that MP Mark Spencer is criticising Labour councillors for spending of taxpayers’ money during the recent council election in Edwinstowe. 
I have asked Mr Spencer on a number of occasions since bragging about the £2million he acquired for Nottinghamshire County Council and, I will challenge him again. Please publish the figures that David Cameron gave to the councils in the south, as opposed to the paltry money that has been allocated to councils in the north. 
In my view the Tories destroyed this area when they closed the coal mines. Kids that cannot earn a decent wage walk the streets with no hope of buying a decent car or a nice home. The Tories did it without considering what could be done to maintain a vibrant society but, what does it matter as long as the south is okay?

The Robin Hood Line. When, Mr Spencer, is this Government going to invest in this project?

Notts County Council has invested quite a large amount of money to get this project off the ground.
This Government have offered nothing but the Tories can propose investing billions in HS2.

Why, when there are three main rail lines running between the south and the cities that HS2 is going to service?

As for the NHS, a report on February 29 says that the NHS is short of staff and it is going to recruit from abroad — even more immigration instead of making sure that English people are recruited.

What about you Mr Spencer, it shows who you are thinking of when you accept a £10,000 per year rise and other civil servants get less than one per cent. Please don’t tell me that you couldn’t refuse it. The same people offered the nurses a large increase and the Government stopped it. In my view, this says to me that the Tories are hypocritical.

In my opinion this Government is only interested in big business.

Frank Heyes

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