Letter: Time to grow up

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I have read with interest the latest articles from the exiting and our newly-elected mayor. Reading between the lines, whilst some of the old Labour councillors have lost out in the local elections the remaining Labour councillors, I believe, are still not acting in the best interests of the Mansfield district and its residents.

These people have a duty to involve themselves in the democratic processes for the people of Mansfield that voted for them.

Yet again it would appear that by voting not to serve on a mayoral cabinet unless there is a Labour mayor and by not wanting to join the mayor’s cabinet they have shown that they have not yet learned the basics of grown-up, modern local politics or even national politics and the process of democracy by letting down the people who voted for them. During the last administration there was great conflict between not only by the then mayor Tony Egginton and the Labour MP Sir Alan Meale, but all other leading Labour councillors.

Although some of these protagonists have not been re-elected, I feel there still appears to remain an inordinate desire to be part of a Labour gang who, by their current actions, are still intent on destroying any objective democratic policy put forward by anyone other than a Labour councillor or Labour mayor. Sir Alan Meale has relied on an out of date ‘first past the post’ electoral system for his survival as Labour MP for Mansfield. Although he says he is proud to represent the Mansfield constituency along with its residents, I believe this is not borne out by the public who voted in the recent election. In my view his last victory as Mansfield Labour MP was a hollow one when 65% of the people who actually voted, rejected him.

It must be said that the last MIF Mayor did not have a halo either and despite his utterances in his recent article in the Chad, to the contrary, I feel he should and must take some of the blame for the inter political infighting within the council and its chambers which at times he as Mayor actually perpetuated.

Some members of the public were upset by some of the actions he took whilst being in office without any council meeting approval.

As I see it is, what the current elected Mansfield Independent Forum mayor is trying to achieve by inviting Labour and UKIP councillors to join her cabinet is to gain a co-operative cross section of opinion before decisions are taken, surely this is democracy in action involving all parties on her part, but a form of anarchy on the part of the Labour councillors by not taking up a positions offered on the mayor’s cabinet. Is this the democracy that the residents of Mansfield voted for?

I think not. Grow up Labour councillors and get involved in the important business of running the Mansfield district as your voters gave you leave to do, for the good of ALL.

Ged Mason