LETTER: This is about our town, not you and me

Ben Bradley, MP.
Ben Bradley, MP.

Martin Tate, there you go again about the past. This MP is young and ‘the past’ is not why he or the others have put him as our MP for Mansfield.

Ask any person under 30 years old what they want.

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It is the future, brewery, pits, hosiery are in the history books, look around you Martin, this town has changed but some people cannot.

I will remind you that the last MP was in position when these jobs were lost, yes he would go around the old people’s homes, talk a lot, have his picture taken.

When was the last time a Labour Prime Minister came here?

And can you tell me the last time he spoke up about Mansfield? This is not about you or me, it is about the town we live in.

Denis Ball

By email