LETTER: Think I’ll stay home at the next election

A ballot box.
A ballot box.

As a life long Labour voter I was extremely disappointed that the town I love fell into the hands of the Tories.

Mansfield has never really recovered from the closure of the pits over the past 30 years and what the area really needs is a decent, hardworking local candidate who knows the area and the people.

However fair play to the new Tory MP who is making sure his face is seen all over the constituency but he can do as many visits and take as many selfies as he wants but he should be judged on his voting record on cuts to public services, social care and education at the next election. What Labour now needs in Mansfield is a good local candidate who knows the area so imagine how outraged I was to hear that John Prescott’s son, after five failed attempts at becoming an MP in other areas, could be set to be the Labour Party’s candidate in Mansfield.

David Prescott has no connection to the area at all and normal hardworking people in Mansfield are fed up with politicians who do not care about the area but only a career in politics.

I think I will stay at home at the next general election.

K. Widdowson

By email