LETTER: Thanks for sleigh support

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On behalf of the Rotary Club of Mansfield, and importantly those who benefit from our charitable support, we would like to thank the public of Mansfield and district for their amazing support of our Christmas sleigh during December, whether it be outside the supermarkets who allowed us to use their facilities or in the town centre or when we were taking the sleigh around the streets of Mansfield.

Despite the continuing difficult economic conditions faced by many people we raised almost £5,700 which will be spent carefully and wisely in supporting many good causes. Young children gave us their pocket money, senior citizens gave us the change from their pockets or purses, some gave just a few coins. But all these donations added up to an incredible collection.

It seemed that everyone was aware of the increasing needs of others in these harsh times and continued to give to help others worse off than themselves.

The people of Mansfield and district have again proved the old adage that “looking after the pennies, does indeed take care of the pounds” - in this case £5,700, which will be put to good use by Mansfield Rotary Club.

Phil Richmond

Chairman, Mansfield Rotary