LETTER: Thank you to kind rescuers and NHS

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On Tuesday, March 22, I suffered a fall on the Market Place in Mansfield.

Two young ladies immediately came to my aid, one of whom had professional knowledge of what to do and she suggested that I might need hospital treatment. The other lady immediately called for an ambulance. The ambulance arrived in much less than eight minutes.

The ambulance crew were great – they were able to reassure us that there was no lasting damage and that a visit to hospital was not necessary.

They took us to our car as they felt the distance to walk was too far just after a fall.

Sadly, in our flustered state, we didn’t get the names of any of our rescuers, but they know who they are and we they know that we are very grateful for their care. There are so many kind, helpful people around, and I have nothing but praise for our NHS.

Margaret Wain

By email