LETTER: Taxpayers agree with MP comments

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There is something morally wrong with this society.

I cannot believe Ben Bradley MP has apologised for something that most working-class people who pay their taxes, which in turn supports the benefits system, were agreeing with, when he made those comments more than five years ago. The ‘politically correct’ brigade are very naive in their thinking and only read what they want to believe.

Do they really think when he made those comments he was referring to every person on benefits? No. Obviously they think so. Did he in his comments once refer to the poor? No.

There are people out there who rely on benefits and most have no problem supporting them due to there disabilities. The point to Ben Bradley’s comments were the ‘more kids more money culture’ which may I add wouldn’t be such a problem if it actually went on the kids. The working man of this country is screaming out for changes to the benefits system, too many are milking it. The government listened and changed it and guess what, there’s uproar.

The government is damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t.

Ben Bradley and his family are subjected to death threats for his comments on certain people who are milking the system, which may I add a majority who pay their taxes agreed with his comments, I feel.

Who do you think made these threats? Definitely not the taxpayer, you can make your own mind up on that one. 
The post in the Chad from S. Bailey, not once did he condemn these threats. All he could do was try to make political points, as I said morality has gone out of society.

My dad and granddad would turn in their graves.

A. Keeton

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