LETTER: Sutton residents deserve better

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So, once again, Ashfield/Notts. County Council are increasing our council tax citing reductions in Government funding, although we already pay one of the highest council taxes in the country.

All other councils are subject to reductions but the vast majority manage to keep their towns clean and attractive.

In Sutton/Skegby/Stanton Hill our gutters, pavements and central reservations are full of weeds and litter.

Bus shelters have panels missing for months.

Apart from the Memorial Garden and Rotary-sponsored island all other gardens are neglected in my view.

Outram Street is a disgrace. We have no floral displays in summer and how much longer do we have to wait for our roads and pavements to be resurfaced?

The residents of Sutton already pay for and deserve a much better service.

Kathleen Hicken

By email