LETTER: Speed limit has changed

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I would be most grateful if you could make people aware that the speed limit on Rosemary Street in Mansfield has been reduced from 40mph to 30mph. No mention of this change has been made.

I only heard about this when my neighbour posted a comment on Facebook. I have seen the mobile traffic camera van twice on Rosemary Street in recent weeks and wondered what it was there for.

I recently came down Portland Street, where there is a sign giving a 40mph limit. A sign near the junction to the bus station does indicate a 30 mph speed limit, but once you pass the junction with Sutton Road, there are no other speed limit signs.

At one time the speed limit for the ring road was 40mph, and Rosemary Street was always known to be part of the ring road. So why has the speed limit been reduced and why was this change not advertised? Is this just a money grabbing tactic, to catch the driver unaware? If so, shame on the authorities.

Kevin Boxford

Ladybrook Lane, Mansfield