LETTER: Speed cameras are the only answer

Peafield Lane, Mansfield
Peafield Lane, Mansfield

My heart goes out to the friends and relatives who have lost their loved ones to traffic accidents on Peafield Lane.

In my view the 50mph speed limit signs have obviously had little effect and the call for more to be done needs to be taken seriously. 
I have been a resident of Edwinstowe for 36 years and can recall many deaths due to road accidents, which must be around 30 or more in that time period if you include the full length of road between Ollerton roundabout and the end of Peafield Lane. Anyone travelling that length of road at any time of day will witness speeding vehicles, with drivers taking ridiculous overtaking manoeuvres putting their lives and others at risk. I have had many near misses, none of which have been my fault, during my trips along that length of road. And it is not just an exclusive problem in the 50 zone.

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Vehicles speeding through the village of Edwinstowe is also of major concern, which is non-productive when drivers eventually face the two sets of traffic lights where the ‘tortoise’ then catches up with the ‘hare’.
Certain drivers will never adhere to speed limits and I feel the only option along this dangerous length of road would be average speed cameras. Expensive, maybe, but what price is a life worth?
Mobile speed cameras need to be in use now while action is taken, and please site them where the problem is - and not in the 30mph limit area which has been done recently.

Mr T. Haywood

Edwinstowe resident