LETTER: So where are they allowed to stop?

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Several taxi drivers are still facing problems when they need to pick up a passenger in the town.

One area is near the Palace Theatre, they have been threatened or maybe even fined. So what can they do, and where can they park? The passengers have another place to find. It may be only a short distance away, but it is still dangerous for disabled people, or even those who are fit as many performances are not over until 10.15pm. They could easily be attacked.
The same problem is also at Wilko where several people buy heavy household items or garden equipment. 
A friend of mine who needs a walking frame asked her driver to stop near the entrance. She was told he was not allowed to pull up there during the day, yet taxis can after 6pm, when several people are going to the club, which to me is ridiculous. A driver is supposed to be able to take you from where you are to your destination.
I used to get a taxi near the old Argos, that is now not allowed. Another one is near area ‘D’ near Debenhams, where the wardens delight in warning the drivers even if they have only parked a few minutes earlier.

That area is also filthy and the grate near the entrance is full of rubbish.

Whoever is responsible for that mess wants to get it done before accidents occur because that is what he/she is paid for. The council ought to provide clean and convenient places where every area is safe.
Those on the councils who have ignored these problems want lessons in health and safety and common sense for all residents’ benefits, or better still get rid of them and let’s have a council which puts our needs first.

Kate Allsop

By email (NB, this is NOT the mayor of Mansfield, this is a resident of the same name)