LETTER: Smaller bins is a rubbish idea

Wheelie bin
Wheelie bin

Is our county council for real? I hear that it intends to spend our hard earned money on buying in smaller waste bins!

Surely this must be some kind of administrative error?

Our local services are disappearing; police stations and ambulance stations marked for closure, they’ve announced that they will close many of our local care and health facilities across the county.

At the same time our lovely Labour councils spent millions on refurbishing their own offices at County Hall, whilst Ashfield District Councillors are caught out fighting amongst themselves.

Now they are buying ‘smaller bins’… it won’t make people recycle more, it will make people find other inventive places to dump their rubbish and further reduce the level of service we get in return for our council tax.

I hate to refer to the stereotype, but our local councils are just proving the point that Labour can’t be trusted with our money in my view! The level of wastefulness is an absolute travesty.

Ben Bradley


(Address supplied).

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