LETTER: Sir Alan was Mansfield’s “Silent knight”

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For the best part of 100 years, Mansfield returned a Labour MP to Westminster.

Seemingly a “job for life” for the elected member.

The recent Labour incumbent, Sir Alan Meale, gave three decades of service.

But I felt the good people of Mansfield deserved better.
I called him our “silent knight”.

In my retirement years and as an avid viewer of the political scene, I never heard the man speak or ask a question in the House of Commons. Often seen on camera, “seen but not heard”.

Remember 10 years ago he wanted to be the Mayor? 
Unsuccessful he went back to the “day job”.

What should that have told us, the electorate?

On June 8, we Mansfield people, many like myself born and bred, had – and took – the chance to elect for the first time a Conservative candidate in young Ben Bradley.

He can be the “voice for Mansfield” at Westminster.

He can bring some energy, some get up and go, some vim and vigour as we say in these parts.

Inexperienced yes, but everyone has to start somewhere.

I ask all you Tories and closet Tories, of which there are many in town, to support him.

Bill Salmon

Forest Town