LETTER: Sir Alan Meale - are you siding with the people?

Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale.
Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale.

Has the Labour Party ever been more out of touch with its electorate than it is now?

In a year which has been one of the most politically turbulent that I can ever remember, what has actually changed in the party’s mindset?

You would have thought that it would at least have been given food for thought after the resounding kick up the backside they got in June but no, in spite of virtually every Labour constituency voting for Brexit the official policy of the Labour Party is still to oppose it.

So who does the party represent?

In my view it certainly doesn’t represent me, or the constituents or actually even the working man, who, in my opinion, the party now treats with utter disdain and as nothing more than cannon fodder. And is it any surprise when you look at the metropolitan London elite executive, who have as much in common with working people as the man in the moon.

But what of our own esteemed MP Sir Alan Meale, who, I feel, has been conspicuous by his absence in these pages of late. What are his opinions on recent events and the state of his party and its stance?

In fact please tell us Sir Alan, are you siding with the working people who voted you in or are you just going to maintain a profile which is so low it is almost off the scale?

Where are you on Brexit? Where are you on fracking which could generate thousands of jobs and prosperity for the region?

Where are you on the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn? In fact, Sir Alan, where are you?

Barry Martin

Poplar Grove,

Forest Town